Scout Ski Day at Red Lodge Mountain

Some happy faces during lunch break.
One of Troop 2 learning to snowboard. He was on the lift before the end of the day and closed down the Mountain at 4:30 that afternoon! Somebody likes snowboarding.
About to head out on Palisades. These two were having races down the slopes!

We had a great day at Red Lodge Mountain with Scouts from four different Billings Troops and their families. We met more Scouts who had come over from North Dakota. Our kids stuck with their buddies, helped each other out, and had a great time. Everyone agreed that we need to do this again next year!

Klondike Days

It was COLD!! and windy. Our boys were hanging tough and keeping their spirits up.
Jayden and Furious putting out the fire.
One of our great parent volunteers. I think that’s Dave underneath there.
Making Hobo Stew for lunch.

Klondike was cold and we had snow to pull the sleds on this year! Our boys participated in sled racing, building a survival shelter, first aide, and shooting!