February/March Newsletter, 2017

Dennie Stephenson

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.  Albert Einstein





  • 12            Scout Sunday, 10am at the church
  • 13            Scout Acres: sledding and fire building 3pm
  • 13            Troop Meeting: no meeting tonight
  • 18 – 19    Snow Shelter Camp out – cancelled
  • 20            PLC / Troop Meeting 6pm/7pm (change)
  • 25            Merit Badge University @ MSU-B 6:45am – 5pm
  • 27            Troop Meeting 7pm:  Patrol Elections


  •  6            Troop Meeting, 7pm
  •  7            Roundtable / OA 7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  •  9            Committee Meeting 6:30pm
  • 12            Daylight Savings Time begins
  • 13            PLC / Troop Meeting, 6pm/7pm
  • 18            Scout Show – moved to April 1st
  • 20            Troop Meeting, 7pm
  • 25            Troop Merit Badge Day
  • 25            Adult Indoor Training
  • 27            Troop Meeting, 7pm

Scout Sunday, February 12th

Scouts will meet at the church at 10am sharp!  This is a Class A uniform event, including sash.   Every scout will take part in the service whether it’s a speaking part, flags or helping with the offering.  Please be on time so you can review and practice your part.  After the service, there will be cake in the basement.

Scout Acres on Monday, February 13th

Scouts will meet in the alley behind the church at 3pm.  We will take two cars to Scout Acres (no parking there).  Here’s what you should bring:

Sled if you got one,  snow boots if possible, warm clothing, water bottle, fire starter (magnesium or other) if you have it.

There will be no troop meeting on this Monday.  The PLC scheduled for this day has been moved to the following Monday, February 20th.

Merit Badge University @ MSU-B, February 25th

Scouts should already be signed up for this event.  Please see Linda Ming is you have any questions about this event.

Election Night, February 27th Troop Meeting

This meeting, scouts will be electing new leadership for the Patrols. If you are 1st Class, you can run for a leadership position. Everyone votes!  Ask for a list of leadership positions at the next meeting.

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January/ February Newsletter, 2017

Dennie Stephenson, Scout MasterThe sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.  Robert Powell

January, 2017

  • 9             PLC/Troop Meeting 6pm/7pm
  • 14            Martin Luther King Jr Dinner 6pm to 8pm
  • 16            Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 21            Klondike Derby – outdoor fun!
  • 23            Court of Honor 6:30pm
  • 27-28      Lock In  and Great Escape
  • 30            Troop Meeting 7pm


  • 4             Food Drive – IGA
  • 5             Scout Sunday
  • 5-11        Scout Week
  • 6             Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 7             Round Table/OA 7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  • 9             Committee Meeting 6:30pm
  • 10            Build Snow Shelters – Friday, no school!
  • 13            PLC/Troop Meeting 6pm/7pm
  • 18-19      Snow Shelter Campout
  • 20            Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 25            Merit Badge University @ MSUB
  • 27            Troop Meeting – Patrol Elections 7pm

Martin Luther King Jr Dinner, January 14th

Scouts will meet at the Food Bank, 2112 4th Avenue North at 6pm Saturday night.  Scouts should be in Class A uniform.  This is a two hour service project that Troop 2 participates in every year.  The event runs from 6pm to approximately 8pm.

Klondike Derby, Saturday, January 21st

This is a one day event!  Scouts will compete in the derby – get out the sleds!  The troop will meet at the Rod and Gun Club at 7:30am.  Dress warm.  There will be hot chocolate and breakfast until 8:30am.  After flags, the first group will begin the course with their sleds.  After that, scouts will have fun at various stations.  Awards will be at 3:30pm and clean up after that.

We will meet at the Rod and Gun Club at 7:30am.  (Just past the airport and before Zimmerman Trail, turn right on Rd and Gun Club Rd)  Cost for this event is $25 which includes lunch.  Dennie will provide more information on dressing warm and what to expect at the meetings.

Court of Honor, Monday, January 23rd, 6:30pm

It’s time to complete your merit badges and rank advances!  Bring your scout book to the meetings for Scout Master Conference – rank advancements.  Or meet with your merit badge counselor to complete your badges.  Last day for sign off before the COH is January 16th.  This COH will a dinner; Phoenix Patrol should bring a main dish to share and Sasquatch Patrol should bring a side dish.  Everyone is welcome to bring dessert.  We start at 6:30pm to give us enough time for the ceremony.  Please be on time.

Lock In, January 27 – 28:  SAVE THE DATE

The scouts have decided to go to the Great Escape Room, 801 14th St West; before the Lock IN at the Harvest Church.  Everyone should meet at the Great Escape Room at 7pm.  From there we will set up for the night at the Harvest Church, 1235 West Wicks Lane (near Skyview High School).  The scouts have already earned the money for both the Great Escape and the Lock In.  No extra money is needed for this night.  Any Webelos coming to the event will need to pay $14 for the Great Escape, no charge for the Lock In.  Please come to the meetings for more information.

Food Drive @ the Evergreen IGA, Saturday, February 4th

Troop 2 will participate in the Scout Food Drive at the Evergreen IGA, 1540 13th Street West.  This year we will man the doors and help with food donations from 8am – 12pm (times may vary).  The food collected will go to the Food Bank.  Those that would like to help can come to the Food Bank and help sort cans, etc.  This is a service event.  You will get 4 service hours at the IGA and up to 2 hours at the Food Bank.  Wear your Class A uniform.

There is a lot going on in January and February.  Come to the meetings to help with the planning and enjoy the activities at the meetings.  See you there!


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January Newsletter, 2017

Scoutmaster, Dennie Stephenson

Scoutmaster, Dennie Stephenson

Today, I need to forget what’s gone.  Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

December, 2016

  • 16            Swim Night at the YMCA, 6:30 to 9:00pm
  • 19            Christmas Party, 6:00pm
  • 25            Christmas Day
  • 26            No Scout Meeting, Christmas Break

January, 2017

  • 2             Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 3            Round Table/OA 7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  • 5            Committee Meeting 6:30pm
  • 7             Cub Polar Day @ Riverfront Park
  • 9            PLC/Troop Meeting 6pm/7pm
  • 14          Martin Luther King Jr Dinner 6pm
  • 16          Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 21          Klondike Derby
  • 23          Court of Honor 6:30pm
  • 27 – 28   Lock In
  • 30          Troop Meeting 7pm

Swim Night, Friday, December 16th

Scouts need to be at the YMCA by 6:15pm to help greet the Webelos coming to the event.  It might be a good idea to wear your swimsuit to the YMCA.  Then you will be ready to help with the cub scouts or you can work on your own swimming requirements.  Bring a change of clothes after swimming.  There will be pizza and soft drinks on the second floor.  See you there!

Christmas Party, December 19th, 6pm

We will have our White Elephant Gift Exchange again this year! Bring a gift from home to share at this fun event! This year  a few of the scouts will be making dinner, a main dish. We are asking everyone to bring a snack or dessert to share.  We will start our festivities at 6pm.  This is a very fun party!  Scouts can wear Class B uniforms.   Don’t miss out.

Cub Polar Day, Saturday, January 7th

Troop 2 has always helped out at this event, tending to the fire at Riverfront Park.  Scouts will receive lunch at the end of the event.  More information coming.

Martin Luther King Jr Dinner, 6pm, Billings Food Bank

This is a Class A uniform event.  Scouts will help serve a dinner in  Martin Luther King Jr’s honor.  They will help by pouring water, clearing plates and more.  This is a service event that Troop 2 has participated and helped with for many years.  Scouts will receive service hours.  Scouts work from 6pm until approximately 8pm at the Billings Food Bank, 2112 4th Ave N.

Klondike Derby, Saturday, January 21st.

This will be a weekend event again this year in Billings.  It is an outdoor event so be sure to dress warm!  There are lots of activities all day.  Dennie will share more information as it becomes available.

Court of Honor, Monday, January 23rd 6:30pm

If you are working on a merit badge or a rank advancement, keep this day in mind.  Get your projects completed.  Make time at the Troop meetings to speak with Dennie for a Scout Master Conference.  Don’t wait until the last minute!  The last meeting to complete merit badges or rank advancements is January 16th.  But don’t wait until then, if everyone does, there may not be enough time for you to get caught up.

LOCK IN!  Friday, January 27th

This is the event of the year!  It has to be “hands down” the most favorite event of any scout.  If you haven’t yet experienced the LOCK IN, just wait;  you are in for a great time!  Put this date on your calendar; place a note on your fridge.  You will want to make time to be there!  We will discuss more about this event at it gets closer.  It’s fun!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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November/December, 2016

Scoutmaster, Dennie Stephenson

Scoutmaster, Dennie Stephenson

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.  John C. Maxwell

November, 2016

  • 11th            Veteran’s Day
  • 12th            Bowling:  phone tree info on where and when
  • 14th            Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 19th            Construction City
  • 19th            Wreath Pick Up 9am – 12pm
  • 20th            Bake Cookies for Parade:  adults only
  • 21st             Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 24th            Thanksgiving
  • 25th            Holiday Parade
  • 28th            Troop Meeting 7pm

December, 2016

  • 5th             Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 6th             Roundtable/OA 7pm (LDS Stake Center)
  • 8th             Committee Meeting  6:30pm
  • 10th            Skiing/Sledding  – more information to come
  • 12th            PLC/Troop Mtg 6pm/7pm
  • 16th            Swim Night w/ Webelos, 6:15pm @ YMCA
  • 19th            Christmas Party, 6pm
  • 25th            Christmas Day


Everyone should distribute popcorn orders this week.  Popcorn money should be paid in full to Tonya by November 14th.  Be sure to bring your money and receipts to the meeting to finalize your money with Tonya.

Wreath Pick Up, Saturday, November 19th

You can pick up your wreath orders from 9am to 12pm at Amy and Nate’s house; 53 Pecan Lane.  We are right up the street from Tonya and Cameron’s house.

I know some of you are trying to get out of town for the holidays or are attending Construction City.  Please get with me and I can make other arrangements for you.

Money for the wreaths will be due in full by December 5th.

Holiday Parade, Friday, November 25th

This is a fund raiser for the troop and scouts.  We sell cookies, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot apple cider right outside the church. There will be more information to come, but we generally meet around 6pm to set up and get things ready.  Dress warm.

Adults:  we will bake cookies on Sunday, November 20th and then decorate them during the scout meeting on Monday, November 21st.

Swim Night at the YMCA, December 16th

Meet at the Y at 6:15pm.  Be sure to bring your swimsuit!  Afterward there will be pizza and soft drinks on the second floor.  This swim night we invite all the Webelos in the area to participate.  it is always a fun night.

Christmas Party, Monday, December 19th

There will be a “White Elephant” Gift Exchange again this year.  Don’t forget to bring a gift from your house to share in this fun event.  More information to follow.  This is always a fun event!  Be sure to make room on your calendar for this party!!!



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Court of Honor, September 19, 2016

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October / November Newsletter, 2016


  • 16            Popcorn Sales – Last day to sell
  • 17             Troop Meeting 7pm, bring popcorn and wreath orders and money to the mtg
  • 22            Halloween Party – come in costume!  Set up 10am and party begins 6 – 9pm
  • 24            Troop Meeting 7pm – plan for Pack 81 Campout
  • 28 – 30   Pack 81 Campout – more information to follow
  • 31            Halloween (meet at Clark Ave) no meeting at the church
  • 31            Charter Renewal Deadline – Youth protection must be complete 10/28


  • 5             Popcorn Pick Up
  • 11           Veteran’s Day
  • 12            Bowling – more information to come
  • 14            Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 19            Wreath Pick Up and Construction City
  • 21            Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 25            Holiday Parade – scouts selling cookies
  • 28            Troop Meeting  7pm

December 16th         Swim Night/Lock In:  save the date!

Troop Meeting October 17th, 7pm – everyone must attend

Bring your green folder to the meeting tonight.  This is the last day to send in orders for popcorn and wreaths.  You must turn in your money at this meeting as well.  There are still prizes for the top sales.  We will also complete our plans for the Halloween Party on Saturday, October 22nd.

Pack 93 will attend our meeting tonight too.  This is an opportunity for Troop 2 to get to know the cub scouts from Pack 93.  And Pack 93 wants to meet us!  Be sure to introduce your self to a cub scout and encourage them to join our troop.

Halloween Party, October 22nd, 6pm to 9pm

All scout should attend the party dressed in your Halloween costume!  There will be games, food and fun!  We have invited a few Cub Scout Packs to attend the party.  Let’s make them feel welcome and show them a good time.

SET UP:  Please come to the church at 10am to help set up the Haunted Hallway and all the decorations.  If everyone comes to help, we should be able to complete our set up by noon.  Class B uniform.

Troop Meeting, October 24th, 7pm

Scouts will organize their stations for the up coming campout with Pack 81, october 28-30.

Adults are encouraged to come to this meeting to complete Youth Protection.  There will be a short video and some questions and discussions.  This will complete your Youth Protection for 2016-2017.  Anyone interested in helping the troop on campouts and outings must complete this training.  Please get your training now in case you do want to volunteer.  We appreciate everyone’s involvement.

Pack 81 Campout, October 28 – 30

This will be a fun event.  Scouts will help with 2 to 3 stations on Saturday for the cub scouts.  Troop 2 will arrive at camp on Friday night to be there Saturday morning to welcome the scouts.  No tents and no outdoor cooking on this trip.   Just lots of laughs, lots of fun and a chance to meet more cub scouts (potential Troop 2 scouts).  More details at the next meeting.

Halloween, October 31st.

This is a Monday night, our normal meeting night.  The troop has decided to meet (in costume) on Clark Avenue.  We will Trick-or-Treat together!  More details where to meet and what time will be announced at our troop meeting.




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Memorial Day Flags


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