Memorial Day Flag Placement

by Raynor

At the cemetery on Saturday, May 27th, the people were putting flags next to veterans headstones.  There was more people there to plant the flags, which made the Boy Scouts have an easier job and an easier time in which they got done.

There were several groups there, including the DAV, Scarlet baseball team, and Cub Scouts.  It was very nice of everyone to help.

In many places there were remnants of Asian, African and other ethnic grave stones that have been destroyed by hate groups and individuals.  The number of deceased infants was also unsettling.

Nate and I wanted to trade jobs half the time because I’m bad at pictures and he practically broke his back half way through the project.

Zachary B and Ricky were both just as enthusiastic as they usually are.  Zach C was a bit tired, but everyone did a fantastic job!


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