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  1. Robert Stone says:

    Are there any plans to celebrate the Troop 2 100 years? I got my Eagle in 1956 when Dewey Hansen was Scoutmaster. I would like to attend the celebration if one is planned.

    • Amy Sullivan says:

      We are just getting started. We have the date and the place. I posted a letter to the editor on Sunday, January 17th in the Billings Gazette.

      Date: Saturday, August 13, 2016
      Place: Oscar’s Park, 3740 Wise Lane, Billings, MT

      We are working on the dinner, start time and events at the dinner. We are also looking for any donations to help with the celebration. Our goal is to raise $2500. This will pay for the venue and other expenses for the event. Our hope is to keep the cost of the dinner to $10 a ticket. Any left over money will go the troop. We currently have 17 boys that are active.

      There will also be Troop 2 patch and we will be selling t-shirts with our 100 Year, Troop 2 logo. (more information to come)

      Please send me your address and I will get you on the list for more information. If you are on Facebook, you can find photos from the past and maybe you will be there!

      To get a hold of me, please call 406-318-9570

      Or you can send photos or donations to: Billings Boy Scout Troop 2
      PO Box 20131
      Billings, MT 59104 – 0131

      Thank you for keeping in touch. I look forward to meeting you this summer.


      Amy Sullivan
      Centennial Committee Chair

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