Summer Camp – Fund Raiser

It was 14 degrees when we set up in front of the Heights Ace Hardware.  Our soft drink dispenser didn’t last long.  In the end, only the Root Beer would pour; the rest froze in the lines.  We may have been standing out side in an all time low temperature for a hot dog sale, but the scouts who attended had enthusiasm at an all time high!

Scouts raised $275 (I think half of that in donations).


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April Newsletter

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  Saint Francis of Assisi





  • 14-15      Campout at Itch-Ke-Pe Park  Meet in the alley behind the church at 8am
  • 16           Troop 2 Meeting 7pm
  • 20-21     Adult Outdoor Training
  • 21            First Aid/CPR Training at the church, two sessions, sign up sheets at meeting
  • 23            Troop 2 Meeting 7pm
  • 27-28      MT Council Annual Convention, in Billings
  • 28            Car Wash – raising funds to go to summer camp
  • 30            Troop 2 Meeting 7pm


  • 1               Roundtable / OA 7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  • 3               Committee Meeting 7pm in the Library at the church.

Camping April 14-15, 8:00am

Scouts meet behind the church in the alley.  Be sure scouts are prepared for the weather.  The days we be sunny and in the 50’s but the nights will be cold. Come prepared.

First Aid /CPR Training April 21st

Parents are encouraged to sign up for this class.  You can chose from 8am to 12 or 1pm to 5pm.  Sign up sheet will be at the next scout meeting.  Joe can answer any questions.

Fund Raiser for Summer Camp, April 28th

Information about where and what time will discussed at the next scout meeting. This is the second of 4 fund raisers planned for scouts going to summer camp.  And it will be lots warmer at this car wash!  All scouts going to summer scouts are encouraged to participate.  matching funds for each event will be provided by the Dewey Fund.

May Events

More to follow on a camping trip in May and other events.  Information will be discussed at the scout meeting on Monday nights.


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Scout Show, March 10, 2018

Scouts won Best Theme for the Scout Show!  They helped scouts make fire!  Then cub scouts could make s’mores over the open fire.  A big success!

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March/April Newsletter – 2018

Scout Master Moment:  Joe Balestri, Scout Master

The most important object in Boy Scouts training is to educate, not instruct.    Sir Robert Baden-Powell



  • 19          Troop Meeting, 7pm
  • 22          Cameron’s Eagle Project, 6 – 9pm, Dennie’s garage
  • 23-24    Merit Badge University in Helena
  • 24          Nathan’s Eagle Project, 10 – 2pm, at the church
  • 26          Troop Meeting, 7pm
  • 31           Camp Fund Raiser, Heights ACE Hardware, 10 – 2pm


  • 1           Easter Sunday
  • 2            Troop Meeting, 7pm
  • 3            Round Table / OA (7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  • 5            Committee Meeting, 7pm at the church
  • 7            First Aid / CPR  8-12 or 1-5
  • 9            PLC 6pm / Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 14-15     Hiking / Service Campout
  • 16           Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 20          Adult Indoor Training
  • 20-22    OA Section Conclave
  • 23          Troop Meeting, 7pm
  • 27-28    MT Council Convention in Billings
  • 28          Camp Fund Raiser – car wash
  • 30          Troop Meeting, 7pm

Eagle Project’s for Cameron & Nathan, March 22 and 24

Cameron’s project will be held on Thursday, March 22nd in Dennie’s garage.    519 Howard Avenue.  Project will begin at 6pm and run until 9pm.  Dinner will be served.

Nathan’s project will be held at the church on Saturday, March 24th.  We will meet at 10am until 3pm.  Lunch will be served.

Scouts will receive service time for helping these two scouts with their projects.  Everyone is encouraged to come and help!

Summer Camp Fund Raiser, Saturday, March 31st, 10-2

Any scout going to camp this summer should sign up for this fund raising event.  Scouts will earn money by helping to sell hot dogs and drinks in front of the Heights ACE Hardware.  The Dewey Fund has agreed to match funds that scouts earn toward camp up to $150 per scout.  There will be 4 fund raising events before summer camp.  This is the first one – don’t miss out on earning your way to camp!

Any adults interested in helping at these events – please sign up at the next meeting.

First Aid – CPR Certification, April 7

Adults interested in helping out with scout activities need to be first aid and CPR certified.  These classes will be held at the church in the Fellowship Hall.

Hiking Campout, April 14-15.

Scouts should sign up for this spring campout!  Plans are in the works!





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Snow Shelters

The scouts built their snow shelters February 10th, high of 20 degrees.  the next weekend, they camped in their shelters, overnight low of 19 degrees.  They got some frost points on this trip!

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Troop 2 Christmas Party, 2017

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December Newsletter, 2017

Scoutmaster, Dennie Stephenson

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Charles R Swindoll


  • 18             Wreath Pick Up:  9am to 11am @ the Sullivan House
  • 19             Baking Cookies @ the church from 1pm until ……..
  • 20            Troop Meeting 7pm-upstairs in the library – front door
  • 23             Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 24            Holiday Parade, 5:30pm outside the church
  • 27            Troop Meeting 7pm  – working on building rockets!


  •  2             Model Rockets – location and time to be determined
  •  4             Troop Meeting 7pm – MSUB Merit Badge sign up
  •  5            Round Table / OA 7pm @ LDS Stake Center
  •  6            Committee Meeting 7pm (moved to Wednesday this month)
  • 11            PLC 6pm / Troop Meeting 7pm
  • 15            Swim Night 6:15pm @ the YMCA
  • 18            Troop Christmas Party 7pm – bring dessert
  • 25            Merry Christmas

Wreath Pick UP, Saturday, November 18th

You can pick up your order at the Sullivan house, 53 Pecan Lane in the Heights, from 9am to 11am.  Keep this day open to distribute your orders.  These are fresh evergreens and should be delivered to the customer as soon as possible.  I do have some extra items.  If you think you have a buyer, let me know and I will keep one aside for you.  extra:  wreath – 3, swag – 5, centerpiece – 2 and garland – 4.

Baking Cookies – Adults – Sunday, November 19th

We will meet in the kitchen at 1pm to bake and decorate cookies.  Scouts will sell them at the Holiday Parade.  This year, since we cannot use the kitchen that week (Family Promise) we will bake and decorate the cookies the same day.  Come and help!  It’s a lot of fun!

Holiday Parade, Friday, November 24th

This year we will set up our kitchen next to the church!  We will be making hot chocolate, hot apple cider, hot coffee and hot dogs!  We will sell on the corner of 27th and 3rd.  Scouts need to be there at 5:30pm to help with set up.  They can eat a few hot dogs for dinner – yum!  Dress them warm!  Right now the low calls for 33 degrees – perfect parade weather!  We could use a few adults to come to the church at 4pm that day.  If you are interested please talk with Mike Downs at the next meeting.

Model Rockets, Monday, November 27th

Scouts will work on building rockets at the Troop Meeting, November 27th.  Then on Saturday, December 2nd the scouts will send them into infinity and beyond!  Or at least way up in the air…  Make sure you are there to help build a rocket.  We will have more information on a time and place at the next meeting.

Swim Night, Friday, December 15th at the YMCA

Troop 2 sponsors this every year.  It’s a great way for cub scouts to meet our group and it is a lot of fun for everyone!  And there is pizza!  Come dressed in your swimming suit and bring a change of clothes.  That way you can hit the pool right away and then hit the showers right before the pizza and pop.  Bring a towel.

Troop 2 Christmas Party, Monday, December 18th, 7pm

We will have our White Elephant Gift Exchange again this year!  Bring a gift from home to share at this fun event!  This year we will be serving dessert.  Please bring your favorite Christmas dessert to share.  This is for scouts and adults!  Everyone is encouraged to come and participate!

Upcoming Events:  mark your calendars

  • Martin Luther King Dinner – 1/14 (service hours)
  • Lock In – still finalizing the date but right now it’s planned for 1/20 to 1/21
  • Klondike Derby – 1/27 to 1/28
  • Scouting for Food – 2/3
  • MSUB Merit Badge Day 2/24
  • Scout Show 3/10
  • Spring Camporee 5/11 to 5/12
  • Montana State Camporee 6/14 to 6/17
  • NYLT 6/17 to 6/22 (scout leadership camp)
  • Summer Camp:  Mini Points 7/8 to 7/14


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